“Wine from Here” is now available to watch online!

[Wine From Here] offers a passionate and clear portrait of one of the few movements in the world that are both utopian and utterly concrete.

- Jonathan Nossiter, director of 'Mondovino'

Wine from Here is a really enjoyable film, beautifully shot and with a series of nicely chosen interviews that deliver a really engaging story of the winemakers, merchants and journalists who are hooked by the pursuit of authenticity in wine.

- Jamie Goode, London-based wine journalist

Wine from Here captures exciting moments in the present and future of Californian wines.

- Alice Feiring, New York City-based wine writer

Wine From Here has the tools to give any wine lover a good look at what natural wine is in today’s American wine production.

- Rémy Charest, Palate Press editor, blogger

Big success for the film premiere event in San Francisco!

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